Closest dive sites. Coral canyons. Shark and Ray Alley.

The Caye Caulker Marine Reserve is a newly protected area. Dive sites such as Raggedy Anne and Tunnels have been some of Frenchie’s favorites for 20 years.

We dive in between and across coral canyons to a maximum depth of 70ft/ 21m. We spend the surface interval at Caye Caulker’s Shark and Ray alley where we swim with Nurse Sharks and Southern Sting Rays.

Caye Caulker Marine Reserve is a favorite for our Night Dives. Depending upon conditions, we dive either along the channel at a maximum depth of 24ft/8m or along the coral canyons at a maximum depth of 70ft/21m.

Common wildlife to see:

Lobsters, Moray Eels, Lettuce Sea Slugs, Pederson Shrimps, Arrowhead Crabs, Nurse Sharks, Loggerhead Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles, Cleaner Shrimps, Channel Crabs, Southern Sting Rays, Spotted Drums, Squid, Eagle Rays, small Groupers.

Common coral to see:

Many varied species of: Gorgonians, Anemones, Tube Sponges, Barrel Sponges, Encrusting Sponges, Vase Sponges, Brain Coral, Staghorn, Fanworms, Feather dusters, Christmas Tree Worms, Hydroids, Tunicates, Zoanthids, Corallimorphs, Spaghetti Worms.

Possible to see:

Reef Sharks, Dolphins, Nudibranch.

  • Number of Dives: 2, with snorkeling during the surface interval
  • Minimum of Divers: 3
  • Schedule: Leaves at 9 AM. Returns at approximately 1:30 PM.
  • Distance: 5 mins
  • Maximum Depth: 70ft / 21m.
  • Experience Level: All
  • Price: USD$110.00 US /$10.00 US Park Fee included
  • Includes: Scuba gear (BCD, weights, fins, mask, regulators, snorkel and wetsuit), light snack and water.