Need a Refresher?


If it’s been more than a year since you’ve been diving and you don’t quite remember the skills, well a Refresher Course is what you need.

We will meet at 9AM, fit you for equipment, and spend about an hour reviewing use of equipment, diving theory, and the skills we will practice.

Then, we’ll get in the boat and head to the reef where we will practice skills in shallow water (7ft/2m). When you are ready, we will head to deeper water (maximum 40ft/12m) where we will explore the reefs and find little creatures such as Arrow Crabs and Pederson Shrimps. We’ll return to the shop around 2PM.

If you have a friend doing the Discover Scuba Diving this would be a good time to dive together.

*You may count this experience toward an Open Water certification to be completed anywhere within 30 days. You must ask for a referral form from us.

  • Maximum # of Students per instructor: 6, usually less.
  • Dives included: 2
  • Includes: Equipment
  • Cost: USD$110.00