Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes. The non-certified divers can do the Discover Scuba Diving and the certified divers can come along. The two trips we take both divers and snorkelers are Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe North. While the divers are diving the snorkelers will be snorkeling.

They can do the  Open Water Course.

After certification then all certified divers can dive together.

Certified divers may dive with Discover Scuba students during a one or two-day introductory course. These dives will be a refresher for the certified diver.

Yes we do take snorkelers on two of our full day trips. Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe North. They are the best for snorkelers: calmer waters and shallower reef.

You must ask your doctor if it is okay for you to dive. Every diver and student must complete a medical form before diving with us. If you have asthma or another medical condition, you must have a doctor sign a release for you to dive. It is best if you do this before coming to Caye Caulker. If not, you can visit the local doctor.

The water temperature ranges from 18-26 degrees Celcius, 65-80 degrees Farenheit, throughout the year. In the summer months (July-August), you may not need a wet suit. In the winter months, you may prefer to wear a 3mil long wet suit. Other times in the year, you may prefer to wear a 3mil shorty wet suit. We provide wet suits for our divers.

We provide equipment to all of our divers and rental is included in our prices. If you have your own equipment, it’s up to you whether it is worth for you to carry it. We think it is a good idea to bring your own mask because it is small and lightweight and ensures a great fit for you.

We don’t take cruise ship passengers because of the time schedule given by the cruise lines.  Our trips don’t come back in time for you to get back to Belize City. It’s best if you plan diving trips with your cruise line that accommodates their time schedules.

We offer a 10% discount on half day trips only or for diving 3 days or more with us. Full day trips do not qualify for the discount. We offer a maximum of 10% discount. See our Specials.

Caye Caulker has many options for accommodations that matches various budgets. A good resource is  Good picks include: Ocean Pearle, De Real Macaw, Blue Wave Guest House, Mara’s, Chila’s Cabin, Jeremiah’s Inn, Yuma’s Hostel and Seaside Cabanas.

See our policies section on our site.

Our prices include all gear, tax, snacks, fruits, water and park fee.  Blue Hole and Turneffe Elbow, breakfast and lunch is included. Turneffe North, only lunch is included.

Diver's Questions

A reservation is recommended.  All trips need a minimum for it to be confirmed.  Full day trips require 8 to 10 divers, depending on the boats we use.  Half day trips require 3 divers.  Please visit our home page for the scheduled dates of each trip. If no trips are schedule for a certain date, then we plan at your suggestion and get divers to join in on the trip as well.  Walk-ins are welcome!

We always schedule our trips to make our divers happy. If you sign up to dive with us, you will become our top priority in our scheduling, and we will do our best to book a variety of sites for as many days as you would like to dive.

Our boats are licensed to take certain amount of divers.  Depending on the amount of divers then we include 2 to 3 dive masters on board.  Our maximum amount of divers is 12 to 15, depending on the boat used.

Typical dives are between 40 and 50 minutes.

Average dive profiles are: First Dive: 70ft/ 21m for the first half, and 50ft/ 15m for the second half. Second dive: 60ft/ 18m for the first half, and 50ft/ 15m for the second half. The major exception is the Blue Hole, which is 130ft/ 40m. Specific depths are noted in the description for each dive sites.

The Blue Hole is a deep dive – to 135ft/ 42m, in which we often see reef sharks. Divers must be 18 years, comfortable in the water, comfortable with going to a deep depth, and comfortable with the idea of seeing sharks. It is always a good idea to take a dive the day before diving the Blue Hole to get reacquainted with the water before diving the Blue Hole. Because of the depth, there is a strong possibility that you will experience Nitrogen Narcosis, an intoxication that happens at deep depths. For most people, this is a good feeling, like having an alcoholic beverage. Occasionally, divers do not enjoy this feeling. Divers can eliminate Nitrogen Narcosis by ascending to a shallower depth (unlike being intoxicated by alcohol, it is not a lingering effect; it immediately disappears at shallower depth). Other considerations include the need to be comfortable with equalizing your ears efficiently, and an average air consumer.  Also, you do not necessarily have to be an advanced diver to dive the Blue Hole; you just need to be calm and comfortable in the water. If you are unsure, we recommend diving with us for a day, and we will give you our recommendation.

We dive to 135ft/ 42m because that is where we find the tops of the huge stalactites within the edge of the hole’s wall. These stalactites are thought to have been formed by an ancient cave system before it was covered by the ocean. The stalactites are impressive and we swim just inside the stalactites for a very unique experience.

Every dive location is unique and wonderful in its own way. We can talk with you at the shop and gauge your interests and make recommendations. Recommended dive sites are Esmeralda, Blue Hole-Lighthouse Reef, Turneffe North and Turneffe Elbow.

Student's Questions

It’s always best to make a reservation if you want to start a course on a certain day. If you are unsure of a date, you can make the reservation when certain or if you prefer, you can come to the dive shop and book the course then.

Choice #1: Referral – You can start part of the open water course, at your local dive center, (theory and confined water skills in a swimming pool or lake, depending on where you are located) before coming to Caye Caulker.  Upon completing the first part, your instructor at your local dive center will give you a Referral Form (signed by the instructor) stating what you have done and what is left to complete in order to be a certified diver. This is a standard practice.   You must complete the course within a year.  This is because beginners cannot retain all of the necessary information over a longer time span.  Doing this part of the course you will have 2 diving days to complete the course when you arrive at Frenchie’s.

Choice #2: E-learning – You can do an E-learning Course offered by PADI.  The E-Learning enables you to do theory online which also includes the quizzes and exam at the end…everything done online at your own pace.  Upon completing the online course, you will receive a document via email containing information about the online course.  You will also need to bring along those documents for us. So if you do this course you will have 3 diving days to complete the course when you arrive at Frenchies.

No courses are done on any dive trip. All courses are done at the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve.

Yes, this is called a referral. You may complete any portion of the course with us and we will complete a referral form for you. If you dive with us for one day, the cost will be the same as a Discover Scuba, and you will receive credit for a portion of your confined water skills and Open Water Dive 1. If you have two days, you may complete all of your coursework, all of your confined water skills, and Open Water Dive 1. The cost is $500 BZ/ $250 US. You will then be able to complete your certification elsewhere with three additional Open Water dives, which can be completed in 2 days.