World famous. Adrenaline-rush Blue Hole. Breath-taking Lighthouse reef.

We drive out across “the blue”, the deep, deep ocean; we pass Turneffe Islands, and then we come to Lighthouse Reef, a coral atoll perched up out of the ocean, teeming with life.

We leave very early so as to be the first boat at the Blue Hole. We want you to experience the Hole in its pristine, clear form before other divers get there and stir up sediment.

Made famous by Jaques Cousteau, the Blue Hole is 1000ft/333m in diameter, and 410ft/125m deep. We descend along the edge of the Blue Hole, in the area most likely to be visited by reef sharks. At 135ft/42m, we swim through stalagtites formed by a limestone cave system which was created before the site was covered by the ocean.

The surrounding Lighthouse Reef is the densest, richest in Belize. Corals are huge, colorful, and varied. Marine life is superb. Most people say that this reef is worth the trip alone.


The Blue Hole, 135ft/42m

Highlights: A deep dive, stalactites, sharks.


Half Moon Caye Wall, multilevel: 70ft/21m & 50ft/15m

Highlights: Dense, colorful, coral wall with swim-throughs, drops 4000-6000ft/1200-1800m.


The Aquarium at Long Caye Wall, multilevel: 60ft/18m & 40ft/12m
Highlights: Great quantity and variety of fish; spectacular coral.

Additional Highlights:

During our second surface interval, we visit Half Moon Caye, a tiny beautiful island where you can visit the Boobie Bird Lookout, and restrooms. Also, we often see large schools of dolphin during our return trip.

Common* wildlife to see:

Large schools of fish, Hawksbill Turtles, Loggerhead Turtles, Eagle Rays, Tarpon, Moray Eels, Lobsters, Crabs, Eagle Rays, Nurse Sharks, Spotted Drums, Pederson Shrimps, Cleaner Shrimps, Arrowhead Crabs, Channel Crabs, Southern Sting Rays, Squid, French Angelfish.

Common coral to see:

Many varied species of: Gorgonians, Anemones, Rope Sponges, Tube Sponges, Barrel Sponges, Encrusting Sponges, Vase Sponges, Brain Coral, Staghorn, Fanworms, Feather dusters, Christmas Tree Worms, Hydroids, Tunicates, Zoanthids, Corallimorphs, Spaghetti Worms.

Possible to see:

Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Bottlenose Dolphins, Nudibranch.

  • Number of Dives: 3, with snorkeling during the surface interval.
  • Number of Divers: 8-15
  • Boats: Reef Shark III |Seaweed
  • Schedule: Meet at 5:30 AM. Returns at approximately 4 PM.
  • Distance: 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • Maximum Depth: 130ft/40m.  Open water divers go to 70ft on the first dive which is the Blue Hole.
  • Experience Level: Blue Hole Dive Site: Open Water Divers go to 70ft. Divers with advanced certification go to 130ft.  We recommend diving with us for a day before diving the Blue Hole. If you are unsure, we will make a recommendation regarding diving the Blue Hole. Divers who haven’t dove for over 2 years must take a refresher course.
  • Price: USD$310.00; includes USD$40.00 park fee which is collected at Half Moon Caye. | USD$175.00; includes USD$40.00 park fee – Snorkelers. 
  • Includes: Snorkel gear or Scuba gear (BCD, weights, fins, mask, regulators, snorkel and wetsuit), light breakfast with coffee; homemade Belizean lunch: stewed chicken, rice and beans, pasta salad; fruits and snacks; water and soda. If you are a vegetarian please let us know so we can make arrangements.